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Vital Proteins - Amazon Prime Day Sale

Now is the time to stock up on all things Vital Proteins! I've shared their collagen powder before, but they have so many amazing products that are on sale for Amazon's Prime Day. Collagen helps to improve your joints, hair, skin & nails. Our bodies stop producing collagen around age 28, which is why our hair and nails aren't as strong and why it's important to take some sort of collagen supplement. Vital Proteins is having a big Prime Day sale on a bunch of their products - here are some of items that I've been loving!

Beauty Collagen: First of all, it smells and tastes amazing! I love the tropical hibiscus flavor to add to my shakes in the morning.

Collagen Powder Packets: These packets are great for traveling and on the go! You can easily pack them in your bag and add them to you liquid whenever.

Morning Get Up & Glow: If you're not into the powders, these collagen capsules are a great option! Take them in the morning for some energy.

Collagen Creamer: This is for all coffee and tea lovers! This is a dairy free collagen creamer that goes great in your hot drinks and has a really good flavor to it.

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