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Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Part One

Leopard Blue Light Glasses | Pink Kids Pair

These would make a great gift for pretty much anyone! Your parents, grandparents, kids, etc. I love that they also make some for kids to protect their eyes, especially with all the online learning these days and extra time on technology! I use mine so much since I'm on my computer working all day and I don't get nearly as many headaches as I used to!

Refillable Perfume Bottles

The perfect stocking stuffer! These are refillable perfume bottles that you can fill with your favorite perfume and throw in your purse or luggage.

Gold Hoops

These cute earrings are less than $15! They're nice and lightweight but still have the trendy chunky look.

Billie Razor

This is my favorite razor I've ever used! It's the best and you can get the starter kit that comes with a travel case and two razor heads. You can also get new razor heads every few weeks or months when you get on their subscription!

Reusable Straw

Another great stocking stuffer idea. This reusable straw folds up into a little case so you can keep it in your purse to bring it when you travel. It's especially nice when you're at a restaurant that doesn't carry straws!

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