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Cre8 Sounds Waterproof, Wireless, Bluetooth Headphones

I've been using these wireless headphones from Cre8 Sounds for the past few weeks and have loved them! They fit perfectly in my ear (it also comes with 3 different ear tips depending on your ear) and most importantly they don't fall out! These are the sport edition so you can use them while you workout and not have to worry about constantly adjusting them. They're also totally waterproof, which is awesome! So if you get them wet in the rain, wear them in the shower, use them while swimming, or drop them in water, they'll be completely fine! I love that they have smart touch too so you can do different commands by tapping the side of the headphone. A great alternative to AirPods!

You can also use the code 'TOPONLINE15' for 15% off!


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