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Prime Tracking Tracker + Car Engine Diagnosis

This new tracking + vehicle diagnosis device from Prime Tracking has so many amazing features that can benefit parents, business owners, moving trucks, etc. You plug it in to the inside of your vehicle and using their app or website you can get a diagnosis report to see things like the health of your battery, fuel level, coolant temperature, and lots more. Which can be super beneficial so that you can help prevent a problem before it

becomes a big issue!

The device can also track your vehicle in real-time and give you alerts of breaking the speed limits, get notified when your vehicle enters or leaves a designated geo-fenced area, and the driving pattern of your car. Which is perfect for parents of teenagers, business owners who have service vehicles, if you're moving and want to track your stuff, or just want to keep tabs on your own car. All of their products are awesome and we highly recommend them!


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