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Car Must Haves from Amazon - Part Six

Bumper Mat

This mat hooks to the inside of your trunk and protects your bumper from any scratches or dings while loading or unloading things from your car! It also prevents your pants from getting dirty while leaning against your bumper. It works great for loading things like luggage, furniture, bikes, strollers, pets going in and out of the car, etc. It's also universal so it can be used on any car!

Purse Hooks

These are awesome! Hook these on the back of the headrest to hold things like your purse, groceries, or jackets so they're not on the ground and it frees up space. It's also helpful if you have kids so you can prop up your phone and they can watch a show!

Outlet Hub

This outlet hub is nice for road trips or if you have guests in your car and need additional outlets. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and has 2 regular and 3 USB outlets.

Ceiling Cargo Net

Hook this cargo net onto the four handles on the ceiling, and free up space on the floor and create extra storage! Perfect for long drives or a place to store emergency items.

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