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Amazon Prime Day Deals - Part Two

Prime Day 2020 is finally here and there are SO many good deals! We've been rounding up a ton of finds on our Instagram, so be sure to follow us there. But here are some deals on a few of our favorite products!

KASSA Fine Tip Liquid Chalk Marker

KASSA Neon Liquid Chalk Marker

We always get a ton of requests for art & school supplies! These liquid chalk markers are awesome because you can use them on a chalkboard, glass, or windows! They come in a bunch of fun colors, great quality and 36% off.

Blue Light Glasses

If you've followed us for a while you know how much we love blue light glasses! They help a ton with preventing headaches when looking at a screen! This cute pink transparent pair is on sale for $18.

Foot Massager

You guys went crazy for this foot massager we posted about a few weeks ago! It feels amazing after a long day on your feet. It's currently 10% off!

Workout Leggings

These are my favorite Amazon workout leggings! I have about 5 pairs of them and it's pretty much the only legging I wear. They're a great Lulu Lemon dupe and are on sale for only $20!

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