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Amazon Car Must Haves - Winter Edition

Windshield Cover

This thing is a life-saver! Put it on your windshield before it snows and it will save you so much time scraping all the ice and snow off your window. The side flaps go inside your car door, and straps go around your mirror to keep it nice and secure and prevent someone from ripping it off.

Ice Scraper Gloves

Is there anything worse than scraping your windows off and your hands freezing & numb while you do it?! These are fleece-lined gloves with a handle inside & a scraper at the top so your hands stay nice and warm while de-icing!

Windshield Spray

If you don't want to go the windshield cover route, this de-icing spray is great to have on hand to thaw the ice on your windows quickly!

Heated Blanket

This heated blanket is perfect for chilly morning commutes to work or long drives! Keeps you warm & comes in a few different colors. Great for emergencies too!

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